Hypno Blog # 7 -- Bay Enough Commercial | Hypnotik Bay Area

Hypno Blog # 7 -- Bay Enough Commercial | Hypnotik Bay Area

Recently I had the pleasure of putting together our first commercial (more of a digital short). This process was quite intense due to the pandemic and putting together a great cast of characters. The idea was to focus in on someone who moved to the bay from out of town (Texas), and how he initially tried to fit in amongst people from SF and the culture that we have out here. Oddly enough I casted someone who was from Oakland and moved to Texas. He literally fit the depiction of the character, although he was from the Bay to begin with. His counterpart who was from North Oakland, has to coach him on what it means to be bay enough. He guides him through exercises and brings out his inner hyphy.

Very lovely experience overall, I look forward to releasing this soon by the end of the year. 

I have a part II in mind. That will be for a future post.

What do you guys think? DM me on social with any thoughts.

Until next time!


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