Hypno Blog #13 -- Berkeley Telegraph Pop-Up Event

Hypno Blog #13 -- Berkeley Telegraph Pop-Up Event

Hey everyone, Francois from Hypnotik here. 🌟 Today, I'm taking you behind the scenes of my recent pop-up experience for Christmas 2023 here in Berkeley, CA on Telegraph. A happy New Year by the way. I’m wishing you all a happy 2024. This market in particular is interesting since I went to UC Berkeley. I would get lunch on Telegraph all the time.✨

Alright, we've arrived at the pop-up spot! It's time to install all the bells and whistles. I’ve been having issues with my rack recently so I bought a rubber mallet to hammer this guy down. It works for the most part. We do all sizes from Youth Extra Small to 3 XL. A customer stopped by asking for a 4 or 5X, and I mentioned we will go up to any size. Inquiries are always available on my website.

Now that the booth is set up, let's dive into the goodies! 🛍️ From handmade crafts to unique finds, we've got it all. I am the artist behind the artwork, and I am the manufacturer as well. I print each and every one of the shirts and sweatshirts, I also do all the bleach and tie dye. Which one would you grab first? Comment below and let me know!

Meeting amazing people and chatting about my passion is the best part! 🤝 Whether it's handing out free stickers or getting to know the customers, every interaction is special. Sharing stories about San Francisco and the Bay Area is always fun and interesting to learn about. A literal history lesson, with every shirt sold. Gotta love my vendors also. There were over 200 at this event and we went down the street for ages. All super talented, never forget to support small businesses. Wink, Wink. #PopUpVibes

I was folding a shirt and noticed through my peripherals this young gentleman nearby rocking my tie dye crew neck.

I especially love when customers will pass by literally wearing what they bought yesterday. That gets me stoked every time. I’ve been doing BOGO sales for the last year, and two is most certainly better than one. #MarketMagic

And that's a wrap on this pop-up market adventure! 🎉 Thanks for joining me behind the scenes. If you enjoyed this journey, give it a like, share, and don't forget to follow for more pop-up magic! Until next time! ✌️

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