Hypno Blog #6 -- What Exactly is Streetwear?

Hypno Blog #6 -- What Exactly is Streetwear?

A lot of people ask the question "What is Streetwear"? 

And that is a GREAT question!

The phenomenon that is streetwear catalyzed from the Hip Hop (NYC) to Surf (LA) pretty fast. 

These days it is up there and is etching its way into a midpoint between general streetwear and high fashion. How can something as innocuous as a t-shirt catapult you into true style and fitting into the urban ecosystem in today's culture? Another great question. According to some, a t-shirt can simply represent a broader idea or story that fits into urban culture. In a way it is not a t-shirt (Bobby Hundreds was right). 

Here at Hypnotik, we embrace the slogan Beyond Streetwear. We aim to go beyond conventional standards and reaching new heights with our custom, handmade, and exclusive collections. 

What do you guys think? DM me on social with any thoughts.

Until next time!