Hypno Blog #9 -- Why Streetwear and NFT's are a perfect match | Hypnotik Bay Area

NFT fever is going pretty strong right now. 

Kids, Teens, and Adults have all jumped on the bandwagon and are publishing digital assets and making a fortune from it. 

Very interesting concept overall. I enter a digital contract where I know for a fact that I am the owner of a Non-Fungible Token through the Blockchain. 

It's not so much about physical items anymore, but things that I can earn bragging rights about owning. 

This is essentially like trading cards, however there is a clear and concise record of who owns something. We no longer need certificates of authenticity. It also cannot be faked. We can't simply take a screenshot of something and claim that this digital image is ours. Lots of potential here. 

The concept of digital clothing is something else all together. Sooner or later people will be buying digital clothing assets. Not necessarily to wear, but simply to possess and display on their digital walls in the future. Streetwear occupies an interesting niche in this space. That is why Hypnotik Bay Area has setup some tokens on OpenSea. Check out francoishypnotik's profile. We are starting with an Amazon Rainforest campaign. We will be placing our Amazon Rainforest collection with some fun tokens that you can place an offer on. Check out some leopards, toucans, and tree frogs.

Let's get on this wave and see where this digital revolution will take us!


What do ya'll think? Send me a message on social with any thoughts!



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